Reflection Essay (Fall 2017)

Reflection Essay (Fall 2017)

1. What I have learned on the Gazette staff this year?

My third year on the Gazette staff has taught me a lot about patience,  leadership and the importance of teamwork. At first, I got frustrated with some of the editors who were missing deadlines and not communicating with the other editors in their section, but throughout the term, I’ve learned that improvement only comes through patience. Everybody works differently, and I’ve come to accept the Connor Hinson’s of the world who leave things to the last minute.

2. An analysis of a specific piece of work (what you did, how it worked out, what you’d do differently, etc.)

My best piece of work this term was my “Hidden Realities” article, which explored Granite Bay’s efforts to combat stereotypes and generalizations. I gained new perspectives on those issues through in-depth interviews with diverse students and incorporated their stories into a very long (but very detailed) article. I was very proud of my work, but I still feel like I could dig deeper and do greater justice to all people who feel stereotyped at GBHS.

3. Goals/plans for the future (whether you’re graduating or not, whether you’re returning to the Gazette staff or not)

Unfortunately, this is my last year on the Gazette staff, but I hope to continue journalism in college. It’s definitely a strong passion of mine, and even though I want to go into a career of environmental policy, I hope to keep journalism as an interest throughout my life.

4. Advice for newbies.

My advice to new staff members would be to take the class seriously but also have fun. If you put a lot of effort into your stories and pages, I guarantee you will see huge improvements in both your writing skills and your design skills. The best part of being a part of the Gazette squad is feeling like every person on the staff is my family. Even though I’ve only known the other Co Editors for a year and a half, it feels like we’re lifelong friends. We’ve grown together as journalists, and that’s definitely been the most worthwhile part of my time on the Gazette staff.


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