Winter Sports Update

The winter sports season has just begun, and each team has high expectations.

The winter sports at Granite Bay High School include boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, and wrestling.

Angel Delgadillo is the coach of the varsity girls’ basketball team. He has high hopes for his new players this season.

“This is the first year where we’ve had a significant number of players come out,” Delgadillo said. “Each team has 13 players…we are very pleased with the turnout.”

Adrienne Russell  is a sophomore on the varsity basketball team.

“My personal goal is to have a high stat line,” Adrienne Russell said.

A good start to the season was a certain confidence booster. So far, the girls have won against Roseville High School, Whitney High School and Oakmont High School They have lost only thrice to Christian Brothers High School, El Dorado Hills High School and Del Campo High School.

“Our goal is to be as competitive as possible,” Delgadillo said.

A competitive edge will certainly help in the difficult league the girls are now competing in.

“We are in the toughest league in the area,” Delgadillo said.

However, Delgadillo is very confident in his girls’ abilities and hopes to continue the winning streak throughout all 27 games.

Jason Sitterud is the coach of the boys’ basketball team.

“Our goal every year is to hopefully just get 20 wins, compete for league title and advance to the playoffs,” Sitterud said.

Just like the girls, the boys’ basketball team played very well in their first game against Oakmont High School.

“I’m optimistic. It’s always a fun time of year,” Sitterud said. “You’re always excited to see what happens.”

The third winter sport is wrestling, coached by Robert Cooley.

“We want to win the division,” Cooley said. “We think we can win league, and we definitely want to move up toward something bigger as a team.”

The goals of each player on the team varies dramatically based on experience.

“We have some individual guys whose goals are to medal at state,” Cooley said. “And some want to win at state.”

Wrestling is unique from basketball because it is a no-cut, no-tryout sport. However, Cooley and the other wrestling coaches do have a “death chart” in which they place the athletes according to their skill level.

“We get an idea of where everybody stands in the beginning of the season,” Cooley said. “And we do have (junior varsity), varsity, and our freshmen, of course.”

The wrestling team is also off to a strong start, placing well in their first tournament and scrimmage.

The one common theme amongst the players and coaches of these winter sports is optimism. Every coach shows confidence in their team and looks forward to a successful season.

“I don’t have any worries,” Sitterud said. “Our league is pretty challenging, and we are excited to play against the best teams in the area and see what happens.”



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