Fan of the Month

Even though sophomore Elida Pentrack is not an official member of the Granite Bay High School Band, that does not stop her from giving the band her full support.

“I’ve supported the band by going to their concerts and watching them perform at football games,” Pentrack said. “I’ve attended their winter concert last year along with football games they have performed at and I’m planning on going to their winter and spring concerts this year.”

Football games are huge social events. Several spirited students show their support for the football team by cheering wildly in the “tribe.” While many are concerned with the touchdowns and points scored, Pentrack cheers for musical accompaniment.

“I like to hear the band play at the football games more than watch the actual football,” Pentrack said.

If she loves and respects the band so much, why doesn’t she just make it official and become a real member?

“I have wanted to be a member of the band.” Pentrack said. “However, band has a very time consuming schedule and it would take up a lot of my time for school work and extra curricular activities.”

“If I joined band, I would either play the trumpet or join the pit,” Pentrack said.

This band fandom (bandom) dates back to the freshman Grizzly Retreat.

“I became a fan of the band because many of the friends that I met at the Grizzly Retreat were from band,” Pentrack said.

Pentrack also has deep respect for the award-winning band director, Kelly Lewis.

“The band could not be achieved without the amazing help of Mrs. Lewis,” Pentrack said. “(Lewis) puts in a lot of her time, work and effort into the band. That is why the band is as amazing as it is.”

It is fans like this that make GBHS full of spirit and support.

“I love the band, and I will continue to support them throughout high school,” Pentrack said.


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