“Steve Jobs” Movie Review

  The newly-released film “Steve Jobs”, directed by Danny Boyle, was a well-written story of one of modern history’s great innovators.

  The movie told the tale of Steve Job’s climb to technological success through the perspective of issues going on in his personal and business life.

  I thought the angle this movie proposed was creative and unique. I had expected to see one continuous story of Steve Jobs starting out building computers in a garage with Steve Wozniak to becoming the CEO of the multi-billion dollar company known as Apple.

  However, the film started out when he was already experimenting with new technological advances within the Apple company. Danny Boyle creatively captures three major stages of Jobs’s life. The first stage we see his during his career at Apple, the second is during his new company’s launch of the Black Cub and the third is during his reveal of his new iMac released by Apple.

  These three stages covered more than the business aspect of Jobs’s life. The film also revealed his personal issues with his daughter, Lisa and his previous lover, Chrisann. The parallel between his personal struggles and his business problems was interesting to follow. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire movie.

  I loved that I actually learned a lot about the pressures in the technology industry from this movie. I never knew how one minute, coworkers will be chatting like buddies and the next minute they’re at each other’s throats for money or power.

  The filmography was truly captivating, and the great acting added onto the heap.

  Michael Fassbender played the main character, Steve Jobs, and he did a spectacular job. He nailed the portrayal of one-of-a-kind genius mind, and made me believe he was truly Steve Jobs.
  I had never seen this actor in any other movies before, so he was an unexpectedly refreshing choice. Even though Fassbender didn’t really physically resemble the real Steve Jobs, his acting  made up for it.

  Kate Winslet played Steve’s Polish assistant, Joanna Hoffman, with style and poise. However, this was the kind of role I have seen Winslet play a thousand times before: an organized and intelligent female, just like in the movie “Insurgent.”

  I would have liked to see a more unexpected actress play the role of Joanna like Tina Fey or other comedian actresses who could also shine in a serious role.

  The only thing that did not quite impress me about “Steve Jobs” was that there were many scenes building up to the grand premiere on one of Jobs’s new products, but the actual showcase was not shown.

  Maybe the director thought the actual premieres were uninteresting compared to the build-up drama, but I was disappointed when I didn’t see the reveal of his latest, greatest product.

  Despite that one minorly unsatisfactory quality, I thoroughly enjoyed watching “Steve Jobs” and would encourage others to watch it as well.


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