Right Here, Right Now Album Review

  The album Right Here, Right Now by Jordin Sparks was released on August 28 2015. This album includes 14 pop songs. This is Sparks’s third studio album, and it features some very modern music figures such as B.o.B, 2 Chainz and Shaggy.

  Compared to her previous music, Right Here, Right Now resembles the popular music style of today.

  However, Sparks doesn’t utilize her vocal range as much, trying to tend to the demand nowadays for a “pop” voice.

  With her being the season 6 American Idol winner, I assumed she was going to mimic the vocal range she showcased in her previous album Battlefield.

  At the age of 16, her American Idol audition blew me away. I knew she would be the one to win. Her powerful voice won her the competition, making her a huge pop star.

  She released her second album Battlefield in 2009. I have probably listened to the song Battlefield  every day that year. It has a good beat and highlight Sparks’s winning voice.

     One song on this album, “Double Tap”, featuring 2 Chainz is just too mainstream for my taste. I like to hear vocal range combined with real instruments, and I know Jordan can sing beautifully accompanied by a piano. Plus, any song that includes slang words like “gangsta” in its vocabulary does not appeal to me.

  Despite its mainstream qualities, the song, Right Here, Right Now is catchy, and the music video is simple and elegant, showing her in a flowy dress in a barren dessert.

  “Work From Home” is a nice, light ballad. Although the lyrics are about as deep as a puddle, the tune has a good rhythm. Still, I would prefer actual musical instruments to synthesized beats.

  Overall, I was pretty disappointed when I first heard Right Here Right Now.  When I imagine a Jordin Sparks album, I just think about how she dominated the American Idol competition with her stunning personality and crushing vocal range.

  But I was sad when this album made me realize that she has gone to the dark side of  “pop” music.

  This was the same issue with a young Taylor Swift. Her first few albums were mainly country pop. Just recently, with the release of Red and 1989, her style has switched completely to pop. My obsession with her music has dissolved along with her upbeat country-pop voice.

  Every artist has to change it up to appeal to the masses, but I really wish her amazing talent could shine through in this album rather than be shaded by meaningless rap and autotune.


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